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INFO 14/06/2014

The Bronze Wings and the 20th anniversary of the Stadium

Four of our young people have earned their Bronze Wings (Control Line) Saturday, June 14, 2014. Despite a very strong wind, they showed mastery. Congratulations to Tom, Flavien, Guillaume and Gabriel.

Tom and Flavien

Guillaume and Gabriel

Our annual contest of two days was also the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the construction of our stadium. The Town Hall of Rouillé was represented by Mrs ROCHAIS-FIREPLACE Mayor of Rouillé accompanied by several advisers who offered an apperitif which was followed by an evening banquet. The wind had somewhat weakened Sunday morning which allowed the acrobatic contest to continue. In conjunction with this event, members of the radio control section organized an exhibition of models and we enjoyed the presence of a simulator with overhead projector. RC flight demonstrations took place in the afternoon by the club members and also members of the Sud Vienne Aero-Modelisme from Surin.

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