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INFO 16/04/2014

Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace

The role of the CMR is not limited to only teaching model airplanes , we sometimes offer young people who attend the Training Centre the opportunity to visit a place related to the history of aviation.

Some while ago , we chartered a bus to get to the " Museum of Air and Space " at Le Bourget , more recently, our young people made a maiden flight from the airfield Couhé , a few have taken the course FFAM - FFVV and were able to learn to fly a glider.

This year the CMC, depending on the age of its young members focused its extra development on two operations :

-3 Of our young people applied for a training flight gliding at the Poitiers Biard airfield this summer.

- Wednesday, March 5th , we took advantage of the school holidays to take five young people to visit the museum of Air and Passion at Angers.

This visit was a great success and more than just words, look at the attached pictures and you will understand.

Serge Delabarde


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