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INFO 21/04/2015

Slope Soaring in Spain II


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Le Fish!  Maiden flight of the slope soarer built by Paul and launched by Fred.  Le Fish is designed by Steve "surfimp" Lange and is available in France as a short kit from Turbulence http://turbulence-modelisme.com
Paul built his from plans available from http://www.slopeaerobatics.com/le-fish-and-spindrift-plans/ He built the wings from Depron and the fuselage from foam sheet. General building instruction can be found at http://lefish.wikia.com/wiki/Le_Fishipedia and in French from  http://www.jivaro-models.org/french_le_fish/page_french_le_fish.htm
Paul’s is quite heavy as it has been reinforced to cope with the rough terrain and requires a strong wind.  However it flew very well and needed no trimming of the control surfaces and no adjustment to the C of G.

Slope Soaring in Spain

On 21/04/2015 I went slope soaring. The location was a cliff at El Pinar in the Almeria Province. It is about a 30 minutes drive from my home. It is good for slope soaring when the wind is from the north-east and stong enough. The landing area is quite diffficult as there are lots of rocks and deep valleys to contend with, especially when the wind is very strong. Yesterday is was approximately 20 kph.

I hand launched my Bixler and managed to soar for about 45 minutes but the landing was not too good, at more than 800 metres away. However the plane was still in one piece! Some friends had joined me and we had a great experience. Sometimes there are as many as eight of us so it gets very busy. On the two previous occasions my plane was hit and knocked out of the sky.

Me and my Bixler

A flying wing launched. The A7 motorway can be seen in the distance.

Only 3 planes so not too crowded.



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