Cercle Modéliste Rullicois

Updated 27/03/2023
The stadium, near to Rouillé (86), is open every day.

Eagle RC de Steve

The propulsion system is as follows:

Propellor 8x4E Folding, Motor Turnigy D2826/10 1400KV, ESC Turnigy Plush 25, Battery 2200mAh 3S.

Materials of construction are Depron sheet 6mm, some ply and 6mm carbon fibre tube.

Plans available for download Eagle

The wing span is 1400mm. A full sized adult Spanish Imperial Eagle is in excess of 2000mm so the colouring is based on that of a juvenile.

The wing tips are raised by 50mm. The servos are 9gms. The motor bulkhead is fixed to the sides.

Is it a bird or an aeroplane?


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